Why your law firm can’t ignore website accessibility with

Episode Notes

Listen to this episode to learn why your law firm can’t ignore website accessibility.

As we continue to advance in technology, we must always remember to create our content, documents and websites in a way that is accessible to people with disabilities. Amber sheds light on many different areas of importance when it comes to accessibility.

Amber is

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11 Google Sheets formulas SEOs should know

Sometimes the best SEO tools are free.

Look no further than Google Sheets.

While it’s not great at plotting ranking data (inverting the y-axis is always ugly), there are numerous ways to use Google Sheets for SEO.

Here are 11 of the formulas and tips I find myself using for SEO on an almost daily basis – for keyword management,

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4 Ways Social Media Marketing Drives Digital Connections In

It’s hard to imagine what the past two years would have been like without social media. As Pew research shows, nearly one-third of adults admit to being online nearly all the time.

This level of consistently high connectivity shouldn’t be ignored, especially by businesses eager to forge stronger relationships with consumers. But it

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15 Project Management Tools For SEO Professionals

Search engine optimization is complex.

Between changes to search algorithms, new keywords, and strategic changes made by competitors, the field is in a constant state of flux.

If you’re like most SEO pros, at any given time, you’re juggling numerous projects, plans, and tasks.

Just staying organized can feel like a full-time job in itself.

Luckily, you can put technology

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Alta’s Favorite Bookstores: The Book Catapult

It all started with a blog. Remember those? Seth Marko’s love for reading inspired the Book Catapult, a blog he founded in 2006 where he reviewed the titles he was reading each week, an online diary of sorts. He gained a large following after San Diego’s local radio station KPBS interviewed him about his 117-day reading of a

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5 Tips to Streamline Your Content Marketing Program

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

You may have come across this eyebrow-raising statistic: one-third of all buyers want a “seller-free sales experience.” In other words, they want less traditional advertising and more content marketing.

If you have an established brand, a wealth of content to generate new high-quality leads for your business, and a capable team to

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15 Smart Ways For SMBs To Get Started With Paid Social Media

Paid social media ads can help companies reach their target audiences faster and with more precision than organic social media marketing tactics. From branded content to influencer messaging to pay-per-click advertising, getting sponsored and promoted content in front of specific audiences on the most popular social media channels can bring big benefits for brands.

Of course, a paid social strategy

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How to Make Your Website More Accessible

Image source: Getty Images

Making your website accessible provides equal access to users with disabilities and ensures you’re legally compliant. Our guide will cover all you need to know about website accessibility.

If your website isn’t properly designed and coded for accessibility, people with disabilities will struggle using it. This denies them equal access to your site, making you vulnerable

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How to Use Legal Blogging for Client Retention and Loyalty |

[author: Noreen Fishman]

Acquiring new clients is so important to law firms that it can be easy to overlook those they already have! The fact is that most firms already have a base of people that are engaged with their business and interested in their services. Marketing to them is simply a way of working smarter, not harder. An effective

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Small Business SEO Tips That Drive Traffic and Get Results

With the cost of advertising going through the roof, small businesses are struggling to keep up with such a competitive field. Generally, it’s recommended to spend around 8% of your revenue on marketing, but is it really necessary to spend that much?

In the short term, it might be. However, for businesses seeking a “light at the end of the

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SE Ranking Has Launched a New On-page SEO Checker That Will

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SE Ranking, an all-in-one SEO software, launches a new On-page SEO Checker—the tool designed to show how your page measures against competitors and help you outrank them.

The tool will be of use to website owners, marketers, SEO specialist—basically, to anyone willing to aid their website pages perform better in organic search. With the help

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DACE 2022, maximising Web3 + others

It’s a new week and we are excited about the possibilities and the opportunity to share tech events this week.

Why do we share tech events every week? Tech enhances existing ways of getting things done and saves time and effort across different areas of our lives. So, it’s just as important to list these events and draw you closer

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SEO for Law Firms: 12 Tips on Writing Blogs for SEO |

Writing blogs takes a significant amount of time. While it’s time well spent when those blogs help you to achieve your goals, when that doesn’t happen, it can be frustrating. Search engine optimization is a tactic that can drive more traffic to your blog and make sure that posts contribute to your bottom line. However, SEO for law firms is

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Meta is Developing a New ‘Basic Ads’ Product for Facebook to

A basic Facebook ads product, which doesn’t use advanced targeting? How would that work?

As reported by Business Insider, Meta is reportedly developing a new, privacy-friendly Facebook ads offering which would use a lot less user data for targeting.

As per BI:

“Facebook is in the early stages of developing a product that wouldn’t rely on any anonymized personal info

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