New Leatherman Multi-Tool Maintenance Kit

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Leatherman Multi-Tool and Knife Maintenance Kit Hero

Leatherman launched a new tool maintenance kit, which looks perfect for keeping your multi-tool and other EDC gear in perfect working order.

Leatherman Multi-Tool and Knife Maintenance Kit Contents

Here’s what the new Leatherman tool cleaning and maintenance kit comes with:

  • Leatherman blade sharpener
  • Double-ended pick
  • Cleaning brush
  • Parts mat with raised lip
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Lubrication oil with needle applicator
  • Cleaning swabs
Leatherman Multi-Tool and Knife Maintenance Kit Organized

Everything stores neatly in the included case, which has room for a multi-tool (sold separately).

Leatherman Multi-Tool and Knife Maintenance Kit Carrying Case Closed

The zippered case has a carrying handle, as well as a loop.

Leatherman Knife Sharpener

The Leatherman blade sharpener appears to be a branded version of the Work Sharp Pivot Plus knife sharpener, which has a strong reputation behind it.

Price: $69.95 for the maintenance kit, $14.95 for the blade sharpener


You might be saying “but I can get all that for a little less.” Great! What do you think about what Leatherman included in theirs?

This kit is for multi-tool users who don’t want to have to figure out what they might need, or where to source it from.

It’s a convenient starting point, in my opinion, with a mix of reusable, disposable, and consumable tools and supplies.

The blade sharpener, though – you can score the Work Sharp-branded model for quite a bit less at sporting good suppliers.

I hope that Leatherman eventually sells the components separately; I like the look of the case, but I have most of the included cleaning and maintenance tools and supplies already.

This is a logical direction for Leatherman to head into, especially given how popular their tools are with outdoors enthusiasts, hunters, and others who can benefit from regularly maintaining their gear.

Leatherman Launch Video

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