Prevent Hacker Attacks

5 Ways Prevent Hacker Attacks

Prevent Hacker Attacks Being a victim of hacking doesn’t mean letting yourself fall and never getting back up. A number of ways can taken to recover and get stronger. Check the following steps. Hacking was carri out with various motives, including theft of money from hacking accounts.

Selling data on the dark web, to personal reasons, as reveal by the …

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test your website speed

How To Optimize Your Website For Speed And Reduce Load Time

Website speed is a crucial factor for any website owner. If your site takes too long to load, you risk losing visitors and customers. This article will share how to optimize images for website speed.

Use Image Optimization Software

If you’re looking to speed up your website, one of the best things you can do is use image optimization software. …

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Marguarite Humphrey’s Career & Challenges Of Working With

Marguarite (Maggie) Humphrey worked at Cypress North as an intern back in 2019, then went to DAC for a few years, and then back to Cypress North after I interviewed her. Maggie was born in Rochester and met Greg Finn at an RV and Marine industry and Greg offered her an internship. Maggie credited Greg and Cypress a lot for

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Google’s John Mueller On Where To Focus When It Comes To

Google’s John Mueller often posts detailed and thoughtful responses on Reddit related to SEO and also general gadget tinkering. In one of his latest SEO posts, he posted a very detailed and throughout post on when, where and how to go about using hreflang on your site.

Hreflang is super complex and John wants you to make sure there is

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Google Ads Issue May Prevent Some Ads From Serving

Ginny Marvin, the Google Ads Liaison, posted last night that Google Ads has an issue where some ads may not be served. “Google is aware of an internal issue impacting ads serving,” she wrote. She said, “the impact of this issue may prevent ads from serving in certain circumstances for your account.”

Basically, some Google Ads advertisers are noticing weird

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Video: Google’s Overlapping Algorithm Updates, Product

In this week’s video, we cover how Google said they try not to overlap search algorithm updates but then announced the rollout of the fifth product reviews update before the core update was done. We also dug into the product reviews update and what we are seeing from it. There is a bug with Google Ads preventing some ads from

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What We’re Seeing From The Fifth Google Product Reviews

As you know, Google began to roll out the fifth Google product reviews update on September 20th during the roll-out of the September 2022 core update. I promised to return and share some of what we’re seeing with this update, as it rolls out.

We are now a couple of days into the update and the chatter amongst the SEO

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What Google Considers Quality Issues: Things Users Consider

Google’s John Mueller explained what he would consider being a search quality issue, causing ranking issues specific to Google considering the site not “quality.” John said on Twitter “to me, quality issues are things that users would consider to be problematic.”

He added that technical issues that users do not see likely would not be considered a quality issue by

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Google Releases The Fifth Product Reviews Update Before The

Google, at about 4 am ET today, September 20, 2022, has unleashed the fifth product reviews update. This was released prior to the September 2022 core update being completed, which was not excepted and Google’s Danny Sullivan said likely would not happen – but it did happen.

Google wrote on Twitter “Today we released the September 2022 product reviews update

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Confusion Over Google Search Console’s HTTPS Is Invalid And

Last week, Google rolled out a new Search Console report for HTTPS, and with that came a lot of confusion around a specific error. The error was “HTTPS is invalid and might prevent it from being indexed.” This shows in the URL inspection tool, which was part of this upgrade.

John Mueller from Google did say this morning on Twitter

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Google’s John Mueller On 404ing or Using Rel Canonical On

There is an interesting response from John Mueller of Google on what to do with URLs that may appear duplicated because of URL parameters, like UTMs, at the end of the URLs. John said definitely don’t 404 those URLs, which I think no one would argue with. But he also said you can use the rel=canonical because that was what

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Google September Core Update, Helpful Content Update Done &

What a week, we had the launch of the September 2022 core update that started off strong and fast. Google confirmed the helpful content update is done rolling out but I bet most of you didn’t notice anything. Google even possibly had a local search ranking update, or it might be some ranking bug. Google also may be showing fewer

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Google’s Top 3 Metrics For Evaluating User Experience

Core Web Vitals (CWV) are a set of metrics developed by Google to measure the user experience of site visitors.

They provide an idea of how well a webpage performs and help identify areas needing improvement.

Google offers several metrics for measuring page performance that is called Web Vitals, which are different from Core Web Vitals. Web Vitals provides a

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Google Merchant Center Drops Primary Country Of Sale &

Google has made changes to how your feeds work in Merchant Center for countries, removing the need to list a primary country and additional countries, and replacing them with target countries.

Google wrote it is removing the concept of one target country being the primary country for a feed. Google explained that the “primary country of sale” and “additional countries”

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