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This Gearwrench Upgrade Tool Set – technically a stubborn fastener-removal starter kit – is on sale at the fantastically low price of $52.95.

Not to mince words, I have no idea what’s going on with the pricing. If I didn’t already have 3 sets, I’d buy more at this price!

Update 9:28pm ET 9/16 – the price is now $54.70, which is still a great price. Amazon’s algorithm might adjust the price further, as it tends to do.

You might be thinking “but I don’t need all that.” Sure – buy it for just the ratchet and pliers, and use the rest if you can. I use the ratchet and pliers regularly, and tossed the other tools into my “in case of a problem” tool box.

I bought a set for personal use last October, when it was $90.62 on Amazon. I bought a set for a reader giveaway last March, when it was $79.78 on Amazon.

Last April, it went on sale for $69.20, dropped to $49.99 for a few hours, and then went back to $69.20.

I have been watching the price for about a year now, and it has steadily declined from $99 at the start of the year, to just under $53 now.

The 90T ratchet is valued at roughly $42 (Home Depot) and up. The PitBull AutoBite pliers (8″ and 10″) are valued at $17 and $22 respectively (Amazon). The 2pc impact extraction screwdrivers are valued at ~$24 (Amazon). The Bolt Biter extraction sockets (8pc set) are valued at around $28 (Amazon).

I wanted the ratchet, the pliers, and the extraction screwdrivers, and felt that $90 was a decent price. At the time, $99 seemed to have been the set holiday season price, and so I snagged it when it temporarily dipped on Amazon.

I raced to snag another set when it briefly dropped to $50 in April.

$52.95 is a great price, and I’d buy more if I had the reason.

Gearwrench markets this as a screw and bolt extraction starter kit, but I see it as more of a general upgrade kit with some extra extraction goodies I might or might not need.

The first sockets I bought were good to have. After that? Bonuses on top of getting additional ratchets and pliers at a nice discount. I might give the spare sockets away.

The ratchet is 3/8″, 90T, and cushion-gripped, and the AutoBite pliers have a neat self-adjustment mechanism that’s simply but very effective.

I don’t think that this set has very good visibility, which would explain the gradually decreasing price. At just under $53 for a lot more than that in tools, I can very enthusiastically encourage you to get in on this deal.

Amazon says the price “was $66.26.” (They figure this based on “90-day median price paid by customers for the product on Amazon.”) That may be, but it was a lot higher than that. This could be the first time I have ever seen a retailer downplay the savings of a particular deal.

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