Best Optimization plugin for WordPress

Before we talk about the best plugins to get started well, let’s investigate what a plugin is and what it is for.

What is a WordPress plugin?


Plugins for WordPress are essential tools. They complement the functionality of a site or blog. They are collaborating at all times for better positioning in search pages and user experience. They are essential tools to complement the functionality of a website or blog.

What are WordPress plugins for


The plugins are modules that are installed in WordPress. They allow us to add certain features. Such as creating a contact form on the website. Create an online store. Add a forum to the website, social networking icons to share on the blog, and cache for faster page loading.

What is the purpose of installing plugins in WordPress?


Plugins are the modifiers that turn an ordinary blog into a website, within and functionality with a few simple steps. Plugins can transform your website into an online storeā€”a magazine, a portfolio, a learning management system. Into anything you can imagine.

The best WordPress plugins are


Akismet is an anti-spam and is included in the WordPress installation package.

Wordfence is the security one.

Yoast SEO. The one used for SEO and search engine optimization.

Cloudflare is used for page caching.

How plugins work


A plugin is an extension of software that can also work without the actual main program. An add-on. On the other hand, it extends the software but cannot be run on its own. And therefore, it is only useful in combination with the main program. A classic example is browser add-ons. A New York SEO expert knows what kind of plugin to use for optimizing your website.

How to use a plugin on a WordPress page


You need to know how to install WordPress plugins from the official plugin directory.

The first thing is to enter the administrator of your page. Go to the plugins area, and then add a new one. Look for the plugin you want to install by typing in the keyword search engine and clicking install. Now, wait for the process to finish and click activate.

What causes to install of many plugins


While it is true that having many plugins can cause a website to take longer to load, it can also happen that WordPress installation problems with just one plugin. A plugin poorly programmed, that plugin can ruin our website. Generate conflicts and even security holes.

How to search for plugins in WordPress


First, we must access the plugins menu. And then, add new and proceed to search for our plugin. From the small form, we have at the top right of the page. We see in the form point where we must specify the keywords to search for the plugin.

How many plugins has


Only in the official repository of, there are now more than 25000 plugins. And that means that almost every time you need something, there is a plugin that solves it.


Undoubtedly, plugins are necessary for the proper development of the website, especially in WordPress. So, if you need a plugin, you should look for it and activate it in the shortest possible time so that your site can meet the requirements of both your company and your users.

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