6 Tips for Renewing Your Online Presence

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6 Tips for Renewing Your Online Presence : See Why Now’s a Good Time To Update Your Website – And How

Be honest: how much spring cleaning did you get this year? Do you clean your gutters, sweep the kitchen, organize your cupboards?

How about your business website? Isn’t it worth starting a new one too?

The truth is websites live, breathe. And living, breathing creatures need care.

That’s why Spring is a great time to refresh your website and remove the metaphorical dust from its corners.

Keep reading for my top 6 tips for updating your website:

1. Clean WordPress

So how do you update your website? At the most basic level you update WordPress.

WordPress is a software and all software needs to be updated regularly to keep it safe and running smoothly.

In addition to making sure WordPress is up to date, any plugins you might use should also be kept up to date. It’s also a good idea to regularly check for broken links and remove any media you’re not using.

Depending on your technical skills, this may be easier said than done. Never start fiddling with your website’s backend unless you’re familiar with WordPress, and if you have reliable backups (it doesn’t hurt to know what to do with them, if you need them).

Fortunately, if you work with a reputable web development agency, they can handle the basic maintenance of your website for you.

If you don’t have regular maintenance, it’s a good idea to contact your web designer and have them do monthly updates.

2. Update Website Content

The text and images on your website are a representation of your brand to the world, and your homepage must be very attractive or visitors will not resonate that they have landed in the right place.

So does the content on your website provide the right picture that will generate leads and sales? Are you getting the type of conversion you want?

Fortunately, changing the copy on your website is one of the easiest changes you can make. Remember, ‘Copy is King’ in the online world. If it’s not well written, it won’t gain much trust from your potential clients or move them into action.

Cleaning up your website can be as simple as changing a few headlines or maybe updating your current special offer. For example, our client A Bear and Bison Inn regularly updates the deals and packages they offer (and doesn’t that look tempting?).

3. Give it an Updated Look

I’m sure you look around your home with the eyes of an amateur decorator. You may not use the shag rug or the dusty pastel wallpaper that was so popular in the 80s.

In fact, I’m sure you’re constantly changing the look of your home – new rugs here, updated curtains there – to keep it fresh and modern.

You need to bring the same critical eye to your website. Does it look like any other website you like? Does it look like it was built this year… or 5 years ago or even longer?

Remember online trends move much faster than other types of trends. That’s why it’s generally recommended to update your website every 3 years or so to ensure it follows current best practices.

So use this Spring energy to make your website look and feel contemporary and appealing to today’s market.

4. Add a Blog… Or Update Your Blog!

Blogs are the perfect way to keep your website copy fresh and new. Plus, Google really appreciates websites that are constantly putting out fresh content.

Plus, blog posts are a great way to connect with your customers and showcase your expertise. And they can double as social media posts and content for your newsletter.

For example, we love how our client, Malary, created a ‘fashion show’ blog post, to showcase their latest Spring outfit. This is timely, share-worthy content, and it’s the perfect way to showcase their product.

So, if you really want to update your website, consider adding a blog section. You can call them ‘Blogs,” Articles,” Stories,’ or whatever fits your brand (note that we file ours under ‘Resources’).

What is important is that you have a dedicated section on your website to post new content regularly.

And if you already have a blog, now is a good time to update it! Posting once a week is ideal, but even once a month will start to pay off over time.

5. And eNewsletter Registration

Hopefully you already have an email list, as it is one of the most important marketing resources any business can have. A consistent newsletter is one of the best ways to keep your potential clients in mind.

Sending consistent newsletters to your followers gives you the ability to develop “Know, Like and Trust” relationships with them that will dramatically increase your brand visibility and market reach.

But do you have an easy signup form for your email list on your website? And is there a tempting offer?

The reality is that first-time visitors to your website may not become customers right away. The best way to turn them into customers is to collect their emails, so you can start a relationship and start building trust.

That’s why you want to make it as easy as possible for website visitors to join your list. If you don’t have an eNewsletter sign-up form on your site, contact your web developer to add one.

Not sure which service to use? We have a list of recommended newsletter service providers on our site to consider.

And if you have, do you get as many signups as you want? It may be time to change your opt-in offer, or think about changing your current wording or placement.

6. Make sure your site is shareable

Most websites built today will have links to your social media platforms. It’s still a good idea to check them from time to time to see if they’re still working.

But as we give your website one more time, take another look at the social media features on your site. Sure, you may have links to your social platforms.

But are you making it easy for others to share your content?

Think about adding social media sharing features to your site, especially your blog articles, so that people can easily share them with their followers with just one click. This can create more brand exposure and website traffic.

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