4 common web design mistakes businesses make:

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Are you applying all web design strategies, but your business is not getting expected traffic and revenue? It is because you are wasting your effort and time on some wrong strategies.

Here are the four common web design mistakes businesses make without knowing the consequences. If you want to explore all about the mistakes, this article is for you. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it.

  1. Exaggerating the design:

Digital marketers sometimes exaggerate things in hope of fast growth in their businesses. Thus, they use loud colors, entangled fonts, insignificant pictures, irrelevant keywords, other media, and excessive decorations on their web pages. But, in reality, along with looking terrible, it can perpetually affect your site. It attracts the wrong traffic, which is not good for your business. Make sure to contact a web design company in Mumbai for more details.

  1. Adding large images and media files:

Adding relevant images, videos, gifs, and other files to your website is a smart choice. It attracts traffic, and visitors look back at your page. However, determining the size is equally important. If you use large files, videos, and images on your site, it can negatively affect your site. Large images don’t get downloaded easily and slow down your website’s speed. So, do not forget to compress the file before posting.

  1. Opting for a non-mobile-friendly file:

The study says that more than 90% of people use mobile phones for searching. But many web designers exclude this reality and build a desktop-friendly web design for their sites. As a result, they can’t reach the target audiences. So, if you are not getting enough traffic on your site, look into this matter. Then, to increase your business growth, make sure to design a mobile-friendly and PC-friendly webpage for your brand.

  1. Inserting ads in wrong places:

Ad is the critical component of digital marketing and a fundamental source of revenue. Hence, inserting ads in the rights places on your website is vital. So, make sure you are not inserting excessive and needless advertisements on your website. It will confuse your visitors, leaving your website before making any purchases. So you can consult any web design company to know info about this.


These, in short, we’re the four common web design mistakes companies make nowadays. So, if you are one of them, get rid of these mistakes today, and you will see optimistic growth in your website for sure.

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